Flying with the champions

Enjoy an individual and outstanding tandem flight with one of our professional pilots from “Sportmanagement Stefan Mast”. You wil experience a breathtaking adventure with an unforgettable view of the Bavarian Alps.

Book your tandem flight now - from just 180 € - or give a loved one a very special present with a gift voucher.

The fun begins after some preparations and the preflight safety check. When the wind is suitable, the pilot commands the first move: “upper body forward and one step ahead”. The wing rises from the rear and as soon as it is above us, the final takeoff instructions are given: “continue running”, and up we go after a few steps!
Your heart rate resumes a normal level and you feel the wind in your face. You are sitting in the first row, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

The Champions Team

Stefan Mast

Oliver Rössel

Robert Bernat

Torsten Siegel

Achim Joos

Ewa Wisnierska

Harry Buntz