The Wallberg lies in the beautiful Tegernsee valley and is one of the most frequented places in the Mangfallgebirge and Bavaria. It rises to 1.772 m and towers over the Tegernsee with a breathtaking view.

Takeoff site “Kircherl”:

Altd. NN 1.604 m, descent to landing site 884 m

It is a 5-minute walk from the top station of the Wallberg Bahn and will be used with N-NNE winds.

Takeoff site “Hintermaurer Alm”:

Altd. NN 1.646 m, descent to landing site 926 m
10-minute walk from the station towards the peak, at the Hintermaurer Alm saddle and suitable for SW-N wind conditions.

Route for Nav system: Rottach-Egern Wallbergstraße 11

Landing Site Point:

The landing site Point is located at a peninsula in the Tegernsee and will be used for special occasions like Seefest and individual arrangements.

Webcam Wallberg :


Wallberg Cablecar Information

Metereological Information

The Unternberg is located near Ruhpolding and one of it´s primary recreation areas. Either walk up or take the cable car to reach the top at 1.425 m. It is a stunning view over the Chiemgau area with a lot of hiking trails.
Takeoff site Unternberg – NN 1.3181 m directly located besides the top restaurant and suited for
NW wind conditions. Descent to the landing site 701 m.
Landing site Bärengschwendt

Webcam Unternberg:

Metereological Information

The Wank is a mountain near Garmisch-Partenkirchen with an altitude of 1.780 m.
It is also called the “sunny mountain” of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Takeoff site is looking towards the south and therefor suitable for thermal flying early in the season, starting in April.

There is a cable car for the ascent.

Descent to the landing site is 1.050 m.

Landing site is the “Gschwandtnerbauer” a nice Restaurant at the bottom.

There is a second landing site approximately 20 minutes walking distance to the cable car station.


The Kreuzeck has a beautiful view into the Wetterstein mountains.
Takeoff is right next to the top station of the cable car and the landing site is next to the bottom station.
After takeoff you can see all over the area from Murna to Garmisch, including the “Five Valley Area”.
Descent is about 950 m.


The Brauneck dominates over the Isar valley and Lenggries. Altd. NN 1.555 m. It is easy accessible by numerous hiking trails and a cable car. It is highly frequented due to its location near Munic (60km).
Takeoff sites:
Garland Altd. NN 1.515 m
Descent 799 m
Takeoff site is close to the cable car station and good for easterly winds.

Takeoff site summit Altd. NN 1.546 m

Descent 926 m

Accessible within a 15-minute walk from the cable car station. There is an opportunity for northern and southern takeoffs. To the south also during winter period.
Landing site is 5 minutes from the cable car ground station.

Webcam: Brauneck:

Webcam: Lenggries

Metereological Information

The Osterfelderkopf is a very nice and beloved flying area in the “Blue Country”. The breathtaking flight starts in a high alpine setting directly below the Alpspitze, Garmisch -Partenkirchens prominent landmark.
The takeoff sites are oriented to the east and north and present perfect flying conditions even early in the morning.

Landing sites:

There are several possibilities for landing. Either up high in the alpine area or down low after a route along Kreuzeck und Hausberg, touching down on juicy meadows near the cable car station, close to the parking lot.

Descent 1.300 m


Webcam: Garmisch

Hausberg is a hiking and mountain bike destination close to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which has also capabilities for skiing and paragliding.

There is a cable car since 1969.

The cable car is only open during winter/skiing season. Takeoff is close to the station.
Descent is 560 m.

The landing site is close to the Hausberg parking lot.


Located in Schönau at the Königssee with an altitude of 1.874 m it is one of the most beautiful spots in the Bavarian Alps. In this area it is one of the very few spots with cable car and therefor highly frequented.
Takeoff site:

Jenner west Altd. NN 1.695 m – Descent to landing site Schönau 1.060 m.

Jenner east Altd. NN 1.674 m – Descent to landing site Schönau 1.039 m

Both takeoff sites are suitable for East -South East winds.

Landing site: Ground station of the Jenner Cable Car