General terms and conditions for passenger flights – training camps and traveling

Sportmanagement Mast is obligated to transport the person named in the ticket or voucher in a paraglider suitable for two persons as a passenger. The required equipment will be provided.
The following conditions apply. Changes have to be confirmed by Sportmanagement Mast in written form. I do accept these conditions by posting my registration/order and or by paying my ticket and or by giving a verbal flying order and or by signing/converting/redeeming my ticket.

The passenger/customer is obligated to pay the flying fee by either ordering a ticket or registering for a flight. The amount is due without any deductions. If case of a direct on site order, the fee is due in cash after the flight has been conducted. If ordering a ticket, the order will be confirmed via phone or email. If ordered in advance, the ticket will be sent to the ordering party after the fee has been paid in advance also, or the according invoice has been paid.

Vouchers are valid for 36 months after being issued. If booking a passenger flight, you have the right to withdraw until 14 days after the booking has been confirmed , if buying a ticket, until 14 days after receiving the ticket without any explanations. A later withdrawal is not possible.

To ensure his own safety the passenger has to obey all instructions of the pilot immediately. Disobeying the theoretical instructions and the commands by the pilot upon take off, during flight and when landing, may result in a serious danger to the passenger and the pilot. A passenger disobeying the pilots commands can be excluded from flying with Sportmanagement Mast for good. Violating these rules results in cancellation of entitlement to transportation without refunds of transportation fees. In case of damages to persons as a result to disobeying the commands and directives, the passenger is liable. For damages to equipment, pilots or Sportsmanagement Mast or third parties, caused intentionally by the passenger, the passenger is fully liable.

The time of the flight will be coordinated and determined on short notice by us, according to the weather. Details of coordination will be set individually. We especially like to point out the fact, that in spite of a set time, there is no obligation for transport if the weather should be non favorable for flying. This fact especially applies for thermal and cross country flights. In case of time adjustment or cancellation, there is no obligation to refunding of the fees or other expenses. However the obligation of rescheduling and making up the flight stays in effect. The location will be determined according the weather by Sportmanagement Mast.

The details of the conduction of the flight will be determined by the pilot in charge., he is always responsible for the conduct of the flight. The pilot has to cancel the flight if he judges the passenger as not suitable or other factors (like weather, wind, terrain, material…) are not favorable for a safe conduct. The passenger flights arranged by us are of solemnly private nature. The passenger confirms that his personal interest in taking the flight is to get acquainted to paragliding.

The arrival to the location is a matter of the passenger only. The standard ticket fees do not include fees for tramways, cable cars and similar things. The inclusive ticket does include an ascent fee, but no further transportation costs (caused by weather or other extraordinary circumstances). A cross country flight may demand several appointments/show ups, due to the special needs required. The passenger explicitly declares his perfect physical and mental health condition, having especially no heart or cardiovascular problems, no disturbances of the equilibrium sense, no neuropathy problems or other health problems, also chronic diagnostic findings, and seeing himself in a condition able to perform the flight. In case of doubts of his qualification, he passenger is obliged to get a medical clearance for the flight. He/she is further obliged to cancel the flight if he/she did not get theoretical instructions or did not understand those instructions. He/she has to cancel the flight also if he/she is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.

The passenger has to provide suitable clothing to protect himself/herself against wind, weather or staining, if possible firm shoes, reaching above the ankle and tear proof gloves. If the passenger is minor in age, both parents/legal representatives have to sign the contract.

Liability by Sportmanagement Mast , holder, partners, and pilots for damages to passengers, due to slight negligence, is wavered. The waiver is irrespective to the cause of the claim, reason of damage as well as nature and amount of damage. It is in effect for damages due to accidents, damages to the health, to persons, things, material and immaterial damages and resulting/follow on damages. It is not in effect if an insurance compensates for the damage without subrogating holder, partners or pilots from Sportmanagement Mast. There is insurance coverage according to the mandatory insurance of the individual pilot. Liability is granted for every claim up to the mandatory or defined limit of indemnity.

In case single terms in these general terms and conditions are invalid due to conflict with existing laws, all other terms and conditions stay in effect. As a substitute for invalid terms, a procedure should be followed that is close to the invalid terms but complies with all according laws.

Place of jurisdiction is Munich. The general terms and conditions are in effect since 01 Jan. 2001 and stay valid until otherwise declared

General terms and conditions for trainings camps and traveling


The registration is based on the conditions and terms, listed on our website. You can register for a trainings camp or a trip either online via the internet, or via mail. After we confirm your registration, you have to make a deposit of 100,- € for each single entry. The complete payment is due not later than 30 days before the start of the trip/trainings camp. All necessary and detailed documents will be handed over to you after the final payment is made.

Cancellation of the contract by the customer

The customer may cancel the contract at any time. The cancellation has to be done in written form. In case of cancellation or if the customer does not show up for the camp/trip we keep the right to charge following cancellation fees:

Up to day 30 prior he event, 10% of the total cost, at least as much as 50,- €

From day 29 to day 9 prior to the event, 50% of the total cost.

From day 8 to day 1 prior to the event, 90% of the total cost.

In case of a no show at the day of the event, 100% of the total cost.

Our travel fees do not include any insurances. Any booked participant can be replaced by a third party, if this person complies with all necessary terms and conditions of our proposal, and we are informed at least three days prior to the event. The host has the right to disapprove the participation of the third party for serious reasons. In this case the above mentioned cancellation rules apply. If a replacement takes part, the original contract persists. We charge a 35,-€ changing fee. In case of changing the date of the event, we also charge a 35,-€ fee.

Provision of services

For the provision of services, only the specifications of services, as outlined in the website at the date of the event, apply, that especially excludes different explanations or promises of travel agencies, other agencies or third parties.

Liability and liability waivers

Sportmanagement Mast is liable, within the limits of the obligation for executive care of a commercial business, for conscientious preparation of the trainings camps / trips, the thorough selection and control of the service providers as well as the accurate provision of services according to the outlined specifications on the website at the time of the event. The participation of an event is at the customers own risk. Every participant is solemnly responsible for his/her own implied warranty of fitness for our services/program.

We do not take over any liability for damages, losses or theft of your personal belongings.

We recommend to procure an insurance for such risks, as well as trip cancellation, travel health insurance, repatriation cost insurance. Should an event be cancelled for inevitable reasons, such as strike or natural disasters, or in case we do not reach the minimum number of 6 participants and the event will be cancelled by us, the already paid fees will be refunded. Further claims will not be accepted.


The customer is responsible for complying with all matters concerning passports, visas, customs and health regulations. We reserve the right to change prizes, services as well as the revision of factual errors, mistakes and misprints. The invalidity of single terms of the travel contract does not result in the invalidity of the whole contract.

Place of jurisdiction is the place of business / registered office of the host company.

Sportmanagement Mast,  Ostin, 12.03.2007